Time For A Change

I have decided that it’s time for a change. Quite a big one, in fact. You may have noticed what this is about just by reading the first two sentences, or even so much as the title of this post.

After almost one year of blogging (yup, it’ll be the blog’s one-year anniversary on 25th of July) I have had an enlightenment of some sort. When I started my blog, I had to face the decision of whether I would write my posts in German – my mother tongue – or English – a language I have loved dearly for as long as I can remember and, thanks to the school path I chose, am surrounded by every single day. At the time, I thought it wiser to keep my blog in German, since my “home base” is Austria after all. However, it seems (and I’ve actually been aware of this for quite some time) that writing in English comes so much easier to me and is also a much more enjoyable language for me to write in. Also, I will probably do an “au-pair” year and possibly study in England, which will only intensify my relationship with the English language (- I look forward to that a lot!).

Thus, I have made the decision to make this blog (at least) bilingual. This means I will write the majority of my posts in English, however I will also occasionally post something in German, depending on what I feel like doing.

I am aware that I may lose some of my regular readers, who enjoy (and are used to) the fact that I write in German. However, I do hope that they will respect my choice. On the upside, it is likely that I will also gain some new readers from a more international audience, which is something very important to me, and sadly something I haven’t paid enough attention to.

All this being said, hopefully most of you will continue reading my blog and many more will start to do so in the future.

Bon appetit, dear foodies, and cheers to a fresh start!