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On ‘Chef’s Table’

“This may be the moment when cuisine reinvents itself as an art movement.” (Karen Leibowitz) You may have heard of David Gelb’s documentary series ‘Chef’s Table’. David Gelb, you know, the guy, who blew our minds and made us crave sushi forever with his beautiful 2011 documentary ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’. Each episode of ‘Chef’s Table’, […]

Cold Brew Coffee

Me and coffee have an interesting history. A few years ago, it would have been summarized best by „I don’t really care about you“. Coffee was merely a beverage my parents used to drink over long talks in the morning and one that I was still utterly uninterested in. Occasional sips of coffee would result […]


If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you might be aware of my long-time obsession with French “macarons”, the little colourful delicacies made of almond meringue and a rich cream filling. I once shared my personal go-to recipes for raspberry macarons and lemon macarons, which you can get here and here. They are in […]

Street Food Cinema

I love it when Vienna shows itself from its best side. And by that I don’t mean the undeniably beautiful architecture and traditional culture, that this city – which I am proud to call my birthplace and home of 6 years – is clearly unimaginable without. I am referring to young, lively and innovative events. Like […]

“Gut Oberstockstall”

Indulgence. A wonderful word. Indulging, meaning “yielding oneself to ones desires”, can take many forms. One of them is going out for a fancy dinner, which is my favourite way of truly treating myself. Being a teen, I  still have to rely on the financial aid of parents or other relatives for the most part […]

Fattoria La Vialla

What could be more “dolce vita” than sitting in the shade of a large tree with the family and devouring home-made Italian delights straight from the farm? Freshly-baked bread, some pesto and a splash of olive oil, rounded off by Chianti wine or ice-cold grape juice. Each ingredient of the fresh, homemade meal is farmed […]

Buon Appetito – Part 2

Hello, foodies. I’m back with a few more images of delightful Italian food. Quality as well as lighting may vary but overall I hope I’ve managed to capture everything from “Misto di Formaggi Pecorini” to “Pizza con prosciutto” quite well. Of course, there is always a certain conflict between Niki, the photographer (who wants to […]

Buon Appetito – Part 1

Here I am – finally – and the beauty and charm of Tuscany is beyond what I could have imagined. Little villages that have lost none of their middle age feel embedded between green hills and the ever-so-famous Tuscan cypresses do not fail to mesmerize us each time anew. Neither does our “home”, which we […]

Bottoms Up! – Traditional Southern Lemonade

Happy July 4th everyone! Naturally, I wanted to take this day as an opportunity to share a truly original US recipe with you. Burgers, potato salad and peach cobbler were the first ideas on my list of American recipes. However, when I rode my bike to the drugstore to pick up some eyedrops (interesting information […]

Happy Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are here. Summer… holidays….. are…….. here. Wow. For the last 24 hours I’ve been having to constantly remind myself of this fact. After months and months of hard schoolwork and near-constant stress I finally have nine weeks of – mostly – mere relaxation ahead of me. As cliché and expectable as it may sound: […]