Street Food Cinema

I love it when Vienna shows itself from its best side. And by that I don’t mean the undeniably beautiful architecture and traditional culture, that this city – which I am proud to call my birthplace and home of 6 years – is clearly unimaginable without. I am referring to young, lively and innovative events. Like the ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival, which takes place during the summer months. Like the Viennale, Austria’s biggest film festival.

Like Street Food Cinema (hosted by Street Kitchen Food Market), a combination of street food market and open-air cinema. Each Sunday in August, movies related to food are shown at the “Stadium Hohe Warte”, which visitors can watch while enjoying drinks and dishes from 30 different food artists.

I went on the first Sunday, ate extremely spicy and delicious Thai chicken and watched “Kiss The Cook” with a very good friend. Unfortunately, we were dumb enough not to bring any blankets to sit on and, on top of that, did not realise that we could actually borrow some for about an hour. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to go again on Sunday, the 30th. (I skipped all the Sundays in between because the movies either did not sound truly promising or because I was engaged elsewhere.)

This time, I went with my family and, recalling my previous blanket-less experience, we equipped ourselves with three blankets, a mat, a pillow and – yes, I am serious – a sleeping bag. After having arranged a most comfortable sitting spot not too far from the screen, we started strolling around, looking for some good food. (Duh.) About an hour later, I went back to our spot with a delicious Caipirinha punch, a Nacho burger and 12 French macaroons from macaroom (detailed review coming up!). The movie – “Lunchbox” was very sweet and I did enjoy it… up until the point where I fell asleep. Lying on a thin blanket in a stadium, surrounded by hundreds of other people might not seem like the ideal place for a nap, but somehow the whole atmosphere was so soothing that I couldn’t help it. It only shows a high degree of comfort and satisfaction, right?

During my time at the SKFM on Sunday, I tried to document, as well as I could, the atmosphere of the event. Take a look, and maybe you’ll decide to stop by next summer. It’ll be worth it.

Street Food Cinema

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