If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you might be aware of my long-time obsession with French “macarons”, the little colourful delicacies made of almond meringue and a rich cream filling. I once shared my personal go-to recipes for raspberry macarons and lemon macarons, which you can get here and here. They are in German but I’m sure that at least the measurements will be more or less understandable to most of you. Ever since I’ve known that these little goodies existed, I have been looking for the perfect macarons  – concerning texture, innovativeness and authenticity of flavour. (That is not to say that I am overly critical when it comes to tasting macarons, but it gives me an excuse to try loads of them. Hihi.)


Last Sunday, I went to Street Food Cinema (blogpost about that here) with the very clear objective of trying some macarons from Macaroom, a Viennese macaron manufacturer, whose Facebook page I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. I bought twelve different macarons, only eight of which I ended up bringing home because I was not able to contain myself. But the eight flavours I did manage to preserve for more than a few hours were carefully tasted and tested and I’m ready to give you my reviews. What I will say right away is that, when chilled (which is what I would strongly recommend for any macarons), these goodies had the perfect texture: hard on the outside, but chewy and smooth as soon as you cut through with a knife. As much as I like the macarons I bake from time to time, it seems that I can never get that texture just right.

macaroom_cassis1macaroom_cassis2cassis What I noticed right away about this macaron was its awesome colouration: light blue with a flashing pink inside. The colour did, however, lead me to expect that these would taste somewhat artificial. And I could not have been more wrong. The cassis macarons had an intense and genuine fruitiness (with a little sour tingle at the end), which is what I would wish for in any fruit-flavoured macaron. Also, the cassis flavour was a little more exciting than your regular strawberry or raspberry (no offence, you little pink beauties, I love you too!).

macaroom_doublechocolate macaroom_doublechocolate2double chocolate It was everything you could ask for in a chocolate macaron: very rich, gooey and intense. For my personal taste, it could have even been a bit more bitter, but that’s just me, I guess.

macaroom_elderlime macaroom_elderlime2elderflower/lime The flavour was quite authentic and I liked the floral sweetness of the elderflower with a hint of lime. To be honest, it’s not among my personal favourites but still interesting.

macaroom_mintlime macaroom_mintlime2mint/lime Contrary to what I expected, the mint flavour was not at all artificial. However, it did overpower the lime a bit, which I thought was a pity. You can never have too much lime. (Am I right?)

macaroom_pistachio macaroom_pistachio2pistachio This was mainly sweet and it took me a while to really sense the pistachio. It did not have the most genuine and intense flavour, but what I did really enjoy were the little nut pieces in the pistachio cream – they added a nice crunch.

macaroom_saltedcaramel1 macaroom_saltedcaramel2salted caramel Anything that is “salted caramel” I must love immediately and these macarons proved no exception. They were sweet and lovely with a subtle saltiness, plus they had an especially beautiful texture and a nice golden colour.

macaroom_strawberry1 macaroom_strawberry2strawberry These were okay but mainly sweet and not as authentic as fruit flavours ought to be.

macaroom_vanilla macaroom_vanilla2vanilla I actually went “Woah” at the first bit as the intensity of flavour blew me away. This macaron was not at all artificial, but tasted of very rich and genuine vanilla, which I loved (even though I’m normally not the biggest vanilla flavour fan).

Overall, cassisdouble chocolatesalted caramel and vanilla were definitely my favourites. That is not to say, however, that I did not like the other flavours. All the macarons were great in texture and overall good in taste – chapeau to Macaroom, you guys are awesome – but, in my humble opinion, it was these four that were truly outstanding.

I hope you enjoyed this little taste test and review.

Check out Macaroom on Facebook and Instagram and get absorbed in the beauty of their work. They have a website too, ( but it’s currently being modified.

Until next time…

… bon appetit!