Fattoria La Vialla

What could be more “dolce vita” than sitting in the shade of a large tree with the family and devouring home-made Italian delights straight from the farm? Freshly-baked bread, some pesto and a splash of olive oil, rounded off by Chianti wine or ice-cold grape juice. Each ingredient of the fresh, homemade meal is farmed or produced by the friendly staff of Fattoria La Vialla – a farm, which was acquired by the Lo Franco family in 1978 and has ever since been an eco-sustainable, family-run farm owning 1342 hectars in the Chianti area.

There are several aspects about La Vialla, which make it very much worth writing about.

Firstly, farming is 100% ecological, according to European standards and the farmers only use techniques, which ensure sustainability. Despite the fact that it has relied on solely ecological farming since the very beginning, La Vialla is commercially extremely successful and ships its products all around Europe and even the US. Customers, who don’t live in the Chianti region are able to choose from a great variety of La Vialla‘s products, which are featured in their seasonly catalog and on their website

Aside from the fact that La Vialla is a highly conscious business and clearly has a vision, it is simply impossible to resist the familiar, homely charm that this farm has managed to create for their customers. After having made several orders from their website before and having enjoyed the oh-so-good pestos, olive oil and (oh, yes) Vin Santo, we were lucky enough this summer to visit the farm itself and enjoy a wonderful meal in an undoubtedly Tuscan atmosphere.

Naturally, we also bought some goods for back home and got the chance to see La Vialla’s wine cellars. Absolutely gorgeous. And now I will let the images speak for themselves, they do a better job…

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