Cold Brew Coffee

Me and coffee have an interesting history. A few years ago, it would have been summarized best by „I don’t really care about you“. Coffee was merely a beverage my parents used to drink over long talks in the morning and one that I was still utterly uninterested in. Occasional sips of coffee would result in disgust over the bitter taste and consequently, I decided to stick with tea (= still my all-time favourite beverage) and pay no particular attention to anything coffee-related.

Over the past year, “I don’t really care about you” changed to “I still don’t like you, but I need you”. In the months leading up to my final exams and graduation, coffee was introduced to my life as a means of getting up in the morning and of staying awake during tiring schooldays. During my three weeks of exams, coffee (mostly) prevented me from falling asleep in the middle of the day. But as helpful as coffee consumption was, I still wasn’t a huge fan of the taste. I didn’t love it with milk and sugar (even though I didn’t particularly mind it) and I still thought black and strong coffee was sort of disgusting.

But, a few days ago, a breakthrough of sorts happened. My boyfriend had proudly presented me with his homemade cold-brew coffee and while I was impressed with the effort that had gone into the final product, I was still surprised (nay, shocked!) about how he could prefer coffee to my beloved tea. He offered me some coffee and I accepted, having been lured in by the iciness of the beverage ( – icy drinks are the best, can we agree on that?).

Cream, sugar, sip, and – wow! Maybe it was the quality of the coffee beans, maybe it was the fact that the water was filtered and not tap, maybe it was the temperature, but I could feel the tag on my relationship with coffee changing into “Hey, I like you. You’re cool.” (See what I did there?).

Mind you, I’m still not a huge fan of hot coffee and tea will always be my #1. But  cold brew coffee has won a safe place in my heart. And that is why I need to share my way to this happy ending with you. I’m aware that you can find recipes for cold brew coffee all over the internet and that I am not offering a highly creative solution here, but maybe you’re still interested.


Ingredients (for 1 litre)

1 litre of still water

150g of your favourite ground coffee/or coffee beans

if you like it: milk and sugar to serve


1) Grind 150g of coffee beans until very fine, or alternatively use your favourite ground coffee.




2) Mix the powder with 1L of cold still water.




3) Put the concoction in a large bottle and place the bottle in the fridge for 12-20 hours.



4) Take out the bottle and sift the coffee – first with a sieve and then with a tea or coffee filter (you can also use a kitchen roll).




5) Fill the sifted coffee back into the bottle. You can now use your coffee for 1 or 2 weeks.




6) Sweeten with sugar and add milk, if you’re not a hard-core coffee connoisseur who drinks their coffee black. And try not to drink everything at once, if you’re a fan of steady hands and a healthy heart rate.


filling2  filling3