Buon Appetito – Part 2

Hello, foodies.

I’m back with a few more images of delightful Italian food. Quality as well as lighting may vary but overall I hope I’ve managed to capture everything from “Misto di Formaggi Pecorini” to “Pizza con prosciutto” quite well. Of course, there is always a certain conflict between Niki, the photographer (who wants to take a few nice photos of the gorgeous food) and Niki, the foodie (who just thinks: “To hell with it, I want to eat. And I want to eat now!”). Luckily for you, the photographer has almost always won the battle. That’s just how I work: First: take the photo – second: enjoy. 

But before I share with you some of those photos, I want to tell you about my sincere disappointment when I found out: Not every pizza in Italy is delicious. Since my trip to Rome in 2012 I have lived with the firm belief that every Italian restaurant (no matter how shabby or remote) produces pizza more delightful than any place in Austria may ever dream of. A few days ago, we made the gigantic mistake of eating at a place, which served – and I’m almost afraid to say it – a shitty and disgusting “Quatro Formaggi”. Excuse my vulgar language but a half hard, half cotton-like dough and two (NOT “quattro”, not four) cheeses, one of them being a tiny bit of mozzarella and the other one being – I kid you not – the kind of artificial melting cheese you put on sandwiches, can deserve no better description. Congratulations, restaurant-whose-name-I-won’t-mention-out-of-decency: Not only can you not count the cheeses on your “Quattro Formaggi”, but also you have shamed your home country by creating such a repelling piece of food. I was very much disappointed. Will not share a photo of this particular dish; do not want to cause you pain by looking at it. Also, the lighting wasn’t very good. 😉

Next step: Stop the blabber and show pictures of food, which didn’t disappoint me. At all.

Since, to be fair, most of the food was pretty damn good.

I hope you will enjoy looking at these images half as much as I enjoyed eating what they depict.

Buon appetito!

pecorini“Misto di Formaggi Pecorini con Miele e Pera” / a mixture of different Pecorino cheeses (one of my favourite kinds) with a gorgeous side of honey and pears – I haven’t enjoyed cheese this much in a long time (which means something, because I generally enjoy cheese)


pancanella “Panzanella” / the ever-so-famous Tuscan bread salad, which is made out of bread softened in water and vinegar, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and all sorts of herbs – a true classic!

panzanella2more “Panzanella” – homemade (and even better) this time

insalata2insalata  can’t remember exactly what this “insalata” was called – however, I’m almost sure it was made of green lettuce, goat cheese, orange and pine nuts – delicious, is all I have to say

lambdelicious lamb bits with crispy bread

cheeseandhamcheeseandprosciuttojust a nice little plate of “antipasti” – cheese, olives, prosciutto, salami

pizzamargheritamargherita Pizza Margherita – hands down the best one I have ever had (it almost makes up for that horrifying “quattro formaggi” experience) – so thin, so crispy, so tasty!

pizzaprosciutto“Pizza con prosciutto” – also the best one I have ever had (soooo good)

capresSimple, traditional, homemade “Caprese” salad