Buon Appetito – Part 1

Here I am – finally – and the beauty and charm of Tuscany is beyond what I could have imagined. Little villages that have lost none of their middle age feel embedded between green hills and the ever-so-famous Tuscan cypresses do not fail to mesmerize us each time anew. Neither does our “home”, which we had rented for two weeks, not even beginning to imagine how grand and beautiful it actually was. So, here I am with my stack of books, overlooking sunflower fields and meadows and occasionally taking a dip in the pool (go ahead, call me a showoff) and just 100% relaxing. But of course I haven’t forgotten about you lovely people and so I decided to share a few pictures of the incredible Italian food I’m constantly devouring (indeed, I will be able to roll home on my belly at the end of this holiday). So, if you decide to visit my blog every once in a while, you can look forward to obscene amounts of pasta, pizza, desserts and many other Tuscan treats.

I hope you will enjoy this series of little tidbits and all there is left for me to say is:

Bon appetit. Or, as of late, perhaps “buon appetito”.


Bread and some good Italian oil and vinegar to get started, of course


“Spaghetti alle Vongole”/ Spaghetti with clams – delicious, though not as good as the ones we had in Rome; I guess I’ll just have to try them at a few other places (he-he-he)


“Pizza Aphrodisiaka” – I’d say, the name speaks for itself


Tiramisu – there is nothing more originally Italian than a good “pull me up”


Sadly, I cannot remember what this “tartufo” was called exactly, yet the taste and texture have stuck with me (a wonderful cold and creamy swirl of lemon, chocolate and biscuit)


“Crema Catalana” – crispy, creamy, delicious


“Panna Cotta” with berry sauce – one can simply not come to Tuscany without eating Panna Cotta at least… three times a week?


Fun fact: Apparently, I am the only person crazy enough to order “una birra piccola” (a small beer) with their dessert. Oh, well.