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Hi. This is the bit where I go on about myself for a minute.

I’m a Austrian-born lover of all culinary pleasures and currently studying Film & TV / English Literature in Glasgow. Meaning, when I don’t think about eating I like to write and point my camera at people. Way back when, in 2014, this blog was conceived in hopes of combining a few of the things I am most passionate about, and I’m happy to say that, over the years, quite a number of restaurant reviews, recipes and other culinary rambles have accumulated.

If you happen to be in Vienna some of my posts about local restaurants might interest you. Definitely check out the recipe section for everything from Italian parmigiana to Swedish blåbärssoppa. If you’re feeling adventurous, have a go at making French macarons.

Chances are, if you’re here, you love food. So have a look around, you might find something you like.

Aside from writing the actual blog posts, which I am currently taking a break from, I still like to share little culinary tidbits on Instagram.

Quick disclaimer: You will notice that some posts, especially earlier ones, are written in German. This was how I started and only after eventually realising that writing in English is both more comfortable for me and that it has the considerable advantage of being able to reach a wider audience did I switch.

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